In the Spring of 2010, some of the world’s leading researchers, therapists and advocates came together to answer one question: How can we help children and adults across the globe who have been impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence reach their full potential? We wanted to create ONE SCALABLE program that could help as many people as possible.

Two years later, the Change a Life program was completed. There is no other program like it in the world today. It was built using the most promising practices for working with those who experienced Childhood Domestic Violence.

We developed the program through a partnership with the leading domestic violence research center in the world – the University of Minnesota. It can prepare, qualify, and guide you to step into the life of a child who experienced or is experiencing Childhood Domestic Violence. Your support and hope can help change a child’s life.

The Change a Life Program is a free, interactive,self-administered online program that will give you unique insight into a child’s experience with Childhood Domestic Violence. It will also teach vyou basic support and safety planning skills while preparing you to act on behalf of a child in need. The step-by-step training process is an easy way to learn the simple things and key messages that can foster resiliency. When you know the right words to say to a child, it can only take one sentence to change the course of their life.

Why complete the program?Word_Heart_530px

The complex is now simple. It takes just 30 minutes to complete the various modules, videos, and additional resources. They’ll lead you step-by-step through a simple process that can give you the knowledge and tools you need.

There is nothing like it. It works. It is an unprecedented effort, created, vetted, and tested by the world’s leading experts. It uses the most effective practices in working with children and adults who’ve experienced CDV. It is the first program of its kind.

You may know a child that needs help today. If you do not fully understand the consequences, or want to help but feel at a loss when considering how to respond, this program will help guide you to do and say the things that can make a difference. If you currently don’t think you know a child who is affected, consider this: 1 in 6 children will experience it in their lifetime.

You may know an adult who was that child. You can encourage this adult to go through this program. By learning how to help change a child’s life, they may discover fundamental truths that can help change theirs.

You can change a life!