10 Startling Statistics about Children of Domestic Violence

Behind every statistic that relates to current and former children of domestic violence are real children and adults struggling to survive and cope with these scenarios as part of their daily existence.

After you read these statistics, take the time to learn how, by doing some very simple and quick things, you can be part of the solution to this global problem that UNICEF calls “one of the most damaging unaddressed human rights violations in the world today.”

10 facts

1. 5 million children witness domestic violence each year in the US

2. 40 million adult Americans grew up living with domestic violence

3. Children from homes with violence are much more likely to experience significant psychological problems short- and long-term

4. Children who’ve experienced domestic violence often meet the diagnostic criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and the effects on their brain are similarly to those experienced by combat veterans

5. Domestic violence in childhood is directly correlated with difficulties learning, lower IQ scores, deficiencies in visual-motor skills and problems with attention and memory.

6. Living with domestic violence significantly alters a child’s DNA, aging them prematurely 7-10 years

7. Children in homes with violence are physically abused or seriously neglected at a rate 1500% higher than the national average

8. Those who grow up with domestic violence are 6 times more likely to commit suicide and 50% more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol

9. If you grow up with domestic violence, you’re 74% more likely to commit a violent crime against someone else

10. Children of domestic violence are 3 times more likely to repeat the cycle in adulthood, as growing up with domestic violence is the most significant predictor of whether or not someone will be engaged in domestic violence later in life

For even more statistics like these and their citations, click here to access a comprehensive list.

The statistics are daunting. BUT… you can make a difference in a child’s life by doing some very simple things. It’s proven that children who have at least one caring, supportive adult in their lives are more likely to build resiliency and cope in positive ways. Why can’t that one adult be you?

Want to know how you can be THE ONE? Take our simple, free, 30-minute online Change a Life training today and you can help change the life of a child living with domestic violence. A few simple words, to the mind of a child, could have a powerful impact.


Do you want to be part of the solution and help stop the cycle of CDV? Take a few minutes and complete the Program. That’s all it takes to start making a difference!

Did you yourself experienced domestic violence growing up? Did a caring adult step into your life and help you through it? Feel free to comment below and tell us who was THE ONE for you.


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