Cavas Gobhai

Cavas-GobhaiCavas Gobhai

Global Business Consultant

Cavas Gobhai is a highly esteemed business consultant who is called in when senior management perceives the need for creative, collaborative, strategic thinking, tangible results and a high commitment to implementation.

Over a thirty-plus year career, Gobhai has worked with large U.S. international companies on a variety of assignments ranging from enterprise-wide Vision/Strategy-related, to targeted, high-creativity tasks.

In addition, Gobhai works with entrepreneurial teams in early stage ventures, and a range of non-profit organizations including towns and educational institutions in the greater Boston area as well as international NGO’s.

Gobhai served as President and key entrepreneur of Synectics, Inc., one of the nation’s foremost staff augmentation firms, working with a client base that includes some of the leading institutions and Fortune 100 corporations in the U.S. While there, Gobhai was instrumental in the development and application of several of the creative problem-solving techniques known as Synectics techniques. He is also the Founder/President of a hardware and instructional product development company, which undertook assignments leading to new product prototypes for Fortune 500 companies. In addition, he has been a participant in the start-up and growth of innovation-based business ventures, funded with several million dollars of venture capital.

Gobhai also provides educator in the fields of creativity and collaboration, including training and lecturing to thousands of members of middle- and upper-management from large U.S. and international companies. He has been awarded a dozen patents in a variety of fields.

Cavas received a formal education in technology and business, acquiring a management diploma from Delft in the Netherlands, a Jr. BSc. from Bombay University, and his BS/MS from MIT.

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