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“I’m not worthy or good enough for love, belonging, or connection. I am unlovable. I don’t belong.”

The Georgia Chapter is the first formal regional satellite of the Association, located in Atlanta, GA. The Chapter was founded in 2016 to serve the needs of anyone in Georgia who grew up living with domestic violence or anyone who cares about someone who did. Its purpose is to:


If you live in Georgia and would like to connect with resources and experts close to home, please reach out to info@georgiacdv.org.

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Georgia Chapter Founder’s Story

CDV_georgia_lindaDr. Linda Olson, inspired by Father Richard Rohr’s words, “If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it onto others,” founded the first regional Chapter of the Association, in hopes of making a difference for millions in Georgia. It aims to create awareness and bring solutions and hope to those who experience Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) and struggle with its impact.

Dr. Olson is a licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist with over 30 years of clinical experience and a focus on adults who grew up living with domestic violence. She is a Board Member of the Childhood Domestic Violence Association and is dedicating her life to raising awareness of CDV and helping deliver the solutions to those impacted, in memory of her two sisters, who she believes lost their lives because they were unable to overcome that impact. 

For Linda and her 5 siblings, growing up meant experiencing CDV almost daily. Like many who grow up in similar homes, Linda formed a shell of shame and denial. Like many, she mimicked her parents’ example in her own abusive marriage. Her siblings, like her, were impacted in profound ways. Two of her younger sisters ultimately lost their lives to that impact: one was killed by an ex-boyfriend and the other died homeless. After this tragic loss, Linda had an epiphany that she too was perpetuating the LIES learned in childhood. As a psychotherapist with a thorough understanding of childhood adversity, she could no longer deny the impact of CDV on her, her family, and her three sons. She gathered courage to leave her abusive marriage and is now on a journey to overcome all the LIES learned in childhood, heal, and help others do the same.


Meet Our Georgia Chapter Board

The Georgia Chapter Board comprises respected community leaders that include business entrepreneurs, a child advocate, a physician, a law enforcement official, and a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience in treating CDV and related childhood adversities. Click the icons below to learn more about each of our exceptional Chapter Board members.


Dr. Linda Olson
Chapter Founder & President
Licensed Psychologist and Victim Advocate

Ross Mannino, CFP®, APMA
Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) and Managing Director

Michael Nilan
Partnership Chair
Founder and CEO of TreeZero Paper Company, Founder and CEO of MarketSource, Founder, Chairman and CEO of OneCoast Network

Varada Divgi, M.D., D.Ch., C.T.T.S.
CEO, The Mind Gardner

Lisa Jamison, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker
Newness of Life Counseling Services

Shanta R. Dube, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor in the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Georgia State University


Partnering with Georgia CDV

At the national level, the Association has partnered with leading organizations and institutions in social welfare, child development, domestic violence, education, higher education, and health that directly touch the lives of children or adults impacted by CDV, providing groundbreaking tools and trainings to these partners to empower them to better serve these who are growing up/grew up with domestic violence.

If you’re an organization or institution based in Georgia – and particularly in the Atlanta area – and you wish to partner with the Association or benefit from our information and resources, please reach out to drlinda@georgiacdv.org.


Make a Donation to Change A Life

One way you can help those impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) in Georgia is to make a financial contribution. Your gift enables us to help children growing up with CDV now and the adults who were these children mitigate the impact of this life-changing childhood adversity. It allows us to deploy the first ever programs and tools built by the Association alongside leading researchers in Georgia, to foster positive change. It also helps expand the programs of the Association and sustain the infrastructure of the Chapter, which endeavors to serve nearly 150,000 people in Georgia directly impacted by CDV (at this very moment, or in their childhood) who have never been effectively helped, until now.

To learn more about supporting our efforts or discuss major giving opportunities, please reach out to info@georgiacdv.org. To make a donation now, click below.


Corporate and Foundation Partnerships

To find out how you can partner with us to help support the Georgia Chapter and its critical work, please reach out to drlinda@georgiacdv.org. Your support would be invaluable and we look forward to hearing from you!


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There are many ways for you to partner with us and help bring awareness to CDV and make an impact.