Varada Divgi

varada2Varada Divgi, M.D., D.Ch., C.T.T.S.

CEO, The Mind Gardner

Varada Divgi MD, a pediatric consultant from Mumbai, India and trained at the University of Florida as a pediatric pulmonologist, pioneered that subspecialty in the State of Georgia  in 1981, making everyone aware that the children are different, have different needs mainly with their breathing! Several treatment modalities she had initiated are still being practiced as “Standards of Care” in Scottish Rite Campus of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Her awareness about the “Mind and Body Connection” has guided her passion for “Permanent Healing” in the lives she encounters. With her decisive, strategic, intuitive interventions she has helped thousands of children and their families.

After almost 40 years of practice she is now a “PHYSICIAN CHAMPION” in Transformational Healing. Her transition has been proactive, focused, persistent, and rewarding! She is focused on creating a generation with positive paradigms.

She is now a life coach with her own programs “Fill That CUP”, raising awareness about the diet for our minds and “RECLAIM YOURSELF” a holistic healing self-discovery for anyone who is willing to discover their own unlimited potential and live a very passionate life at a full score of TEN!

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