Courage Unleashed – Change What You Can Accomplish

With less than a 15% awareness of Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) and very few widely used tools and programs to help those impacted, millions who grow up living with domestic violence face these struggles over and over again.

But there is something you should know… These thoughts and feelings are NOT true! They are just LIES you learned growing up in a home with domestic violence. While you were living in that home, you had certain fundamental human needs, essential for a person in childhood that may not have been met.

What you should also know is that while you were living in your childhood home, surrounded by the violence, it encoded in you, without you even knowing it, certain beliefs. These beliefs led you to spend significant time trying to meet those unmet essential needs.

These beliefs are FALSE – they are not who you are; and they no longer serve you. They are holding you hostage from living the life that you are meant to live.

But do you know the good news?

You have the power to change them – and in so doing, to change your life completely. There are answers, there are solutions that are proven. They are straightforward and the results are worth it.

You can do this while not blaming, not judging or shaming the people who raised you, because, the truth is that you love them. Because they did their best.

These are unique, uncommon gifts that you can now discover, tap into and use habitually.

COURAGE UNLEASHED will show you how, because they are already inside of you. It will reveal to you who you were meant to be all along. It will change how you feel about yourself and what you can accomplish in life, FOREVER.


There are many ways for you to partner with us and help bring awareness to CDV and make an impact.