Change The Ending


What is Childhood Domestic Violence?

When someone grows up living with domestic violence, they experience Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV).

According to researchers, when you grow up living with domestic violence, the experience can negatively impact key areas of your life including your physical health, mental health, behavior, and relationships.

But here’s the good news: YOU CAN CHANGE THE ENDING.

Who is the Childhood Domestic Violence Association?

The Childhood Domestic Violence Association helps those affected by CDV to overcome its negative impact and reach their full potential.

Our award-winning resources were created by experts to help those who experienced CDV become resilient against its effects. We also help professionals learn how to support those impacted by CDV.

Check out our CDV resources:

Invincible Book
Change A Life

Support Those Impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence

You can be The One to change someone’s life after they experience CDV! Here are a few ways you can support our work:

  • Donate – Your tax-deductible donation provides resources to help people become resilient against the negative effects of CDV.
  • Complete the Change A Life Program – This 40-minute online program gives you the tools you need to step in when you meet someone who has experienced CDV.
  • Share Your Story – Email us at to share your story. If you experienced CDV, consider sharing your story with us. Sharing your story helps others know they aren’t alone and inspires their healing.
  • Share Our Story – Did you know one in seven people have experienced CDV? Help spread the word about the Childhood Domestic Violence Association so they can use our resources to heal.
  • Volunteer – Email us at to learn how you can become a volunteer for the Childhood Domestic Violence Association.

You can also connect with the Childhood Domestic Violence Association on social media to keep the conversation about CDV going.