Getting Started


unicef_calp_FINALThank you for taking the time to visit us. This program was developed in conjunction with some of the world’s leading researchers on childhood exposure to domestic violence to fulfill an unmet need. There is no other program like it in the world today.

It was built using the best and most promising practices available in working with children who experience domestic violence. Our goal is to provide caring adults with the tools to connect with and support children and teens.

Approximately 15 million children are growing up with domestic violence in the U.S. alone. As many as 40 million adults are likely to have been exposed to domestic violence over their lifetime.

Through this program, you will gain essential skills in how to talk to children and teens about their experiences, provide them with support in coping with the violence, and inspire hope to help them choose a different path.

There are many ways for you to partner with us and help bring awareness to CDV and make an impact.