In the Spotlight – Caroline Abbott Community Advocate Author, blogger Caroline Abbott is a former child of domestic violence who is now a self-published writer, blogger, and community advocate, working to support and empower others who are impacted. She is

Savior One Night, Target the Next – Growing Up With Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

According to research, if you grow up living with domestic violence, there is a 50% chance you also experienced physical child abuse. How confusing it is to one night be a savior, in that you may try to stop the

Resiliency after Childhood Domestic Violence – Make It Count

Growing up with childhood domestic violence teaches us to believe a set of LIES about ourselves. These lies tell us we’re worthless, fearful, angry, alone, guilty, sad, hopeless, resentful, unattractive, and unloved. Though it isn’t difficult to understand what prompted

Unlearn the Resentment LIE Learned as a Child of Domestic Violence – Get Closer to Your True Potential!

“Resentment is the poison you drink hoping to hurt your enemy.” –Nelson Mandela Holding on to the injustice done to you as a child can cause you even more pain today, as resentment leads to emotional paralyzing. Remember, forgiving is

Can Children of Domestic Violence Hope for Healthy, Loving Relationships as Adults?

The answer is absolutely! Growing up in a home with domestic violence, one’s perception of a healthy, functional relationship becomes greatly skewed. Instead of seeing adults who are loving towards one another, respect each other’s needs and boundaries, and work

5 million children are impacted in the US by Childhood Domestic Violence. Yet, why is nobody talking about?

5 million children in the US alone grow up living in homes with violence every year. 5 million children all have something in common that defines their lives for years to come – they’re children of domestic violence. How is

10 Startling Statistics about Children of Domestic Violence

Behind every statistic that relates to current and former children of domestic violence are real children and adults struggling to survive and cope with these scenarios as part of their daily existence. After you read these statistics, take the time