CDV Worksheets:

Expose the LIES of CDV, Reveal the Corresponding Truths, start transforming your life

Did you grow up with an ACE? Have you ever addressed it or talked about it?

In the mid-90s, the CDC and Kaiser Permanente conducted a sweeping study that tracked two decades of data for 20,000+ individuals impacted by major adversities in their childhood home. This landmark study identified 10 major Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that have a defining impact on a life and extensively documented that impact. Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) was one of them. And you almost never face just one.

If you faced an ACE growing up, the impact is compounded if you never talked about it. Maybe as an adult, you still haven’t talked about or addressed it?

“Growing up in that home, they’re certain LIES you learned about who you believe you are, and they are holding you back from reaching your innate potential and experiencing all the happiness that was meant for you.”

“When you listen to the voice inside your head that is causing all the hurt, worry, anxiety and fear, you feel pain. When you don’t, you will find peace and be able to use the hidden strengths the experience left behind. The Worksheets will show you the way.”

Brian F. Martin, Founder & CEO of Childhood Domestic Violence Association

If you faced an ACE, these WORKSHEETS will help you let go of the false beliefs that don't serve you

If you experienced an ACE growing up, you may not be connecting the dots between that and the challenges you still face today. You may not be aware that much of your struggles may be linked to the LIES that were encoded in that home and that you may still be carrying with you.

This is the purpose of the two CDV LIES & TRUTHS Worksheets. They are a roadmap to a new beginning. They will help you understand the LIES internalized growing up with adversities, expose the LIES you personally may be struggling with in your own life, reveal how they’re holding you back, and illuminate the corresponding TRUTHS that provide a better belief system and can set you free.

When you’re free of the LIES, you begin to see things differently and uncover possibilities you never saw before. That can change the course of your life and lead you on a different path to your potential and the life you deserve.

What to Expect from this Exercise

We Understand:

  • You are NOT looking for an excuse or someone to blame
  • But you ARE trying to figure out why – why you aren’t living the life you want to live
  • You ARE looking for what to do differently in order to get where you want to go in life
  • You ARE looking for the formula and want to know that if you follow it the results will be worth it

This Exercise Is Not:

  • Therapy
  • Trying to “fix” you – because you are not broken
  • Focused on the hurt in your past
  • About blaming others for where you are in your life
  • A “motivational” program that pumps you up but then leaves you floundering

This Exercise Is:

  • One that will empower you to become stronger, more confident, and in control of your life
  • Certain to expose the LIES you learned and unlock the TRUTHS and STRENGTHS you acquired because of what you experienced
  • Aimed at helping you see why because of what you experienced you’re MORE THAN you realized

It's time to expose the LIES, reveal the TRUTHS and start changing your narrative - follow these 3 steps!

Don’t delay, start getting a handle on the LIES, cultivating the TRUTHS and taking back the life that was stolen from you today! There are three simple steps to get you started – and they begin with the worksheets.

Step 1: Walk through Worksheet 1 below to first understand and expose the LIES of CDV that are still impact your life today.

Step 2: Once exposed, you must reveal the corresponding TRUTHS and embrace them daily to help replace the LIES and their hold on you.

Step 3: Once you’ve walked through the Worksheets, sign up for our CDV Workshops for a much more in-depth, immersive look at managing the LIES and cultivating the TRUTHS in your daily life. The Workshops extend the work of the Worksheets withing the context of a community of others just like you who’re also struggling and looking for a new path.

1) Expose the LIES
2) Reveal the TRUTHS
3) Take the FREE Workshops