History of CDV

Childhood Domestic Violence Association was originally founded in 2007 by Brian F. Martin, who grew up living with domestic violence.

Growing up, Brian was determined to succeed despite the odds against him, so he could ensure that those he loved had all the things he did not have growing up. He later realized his life was truly spent seeking answers to lifelong questions about what he experienced in childhood and how it had impacted him. This led him to establish an organization focused exclusively on helping others like him who experienced CDV – the Childhood Domestic Violence Association.

Brian spent a decade thoroughly researching this issue, which had deeply impacted his family across generations. What he discovered was very little awareness of a problem that impacts almost a billion people globally, and few known solutions that could be scaled effectively across this massive but almost completely overlooked population. 

Who We Are

The Childhood Domestic Violence Association is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to helping those who grow up living with domestic violence or those who care about, work with, or mentor someone who did.  It works to increase awareness and to create and deploy practical, scalable tools to help as many people touched by this problem as possible. 

Creating New, Scalable Tools

Over the past 10 years, with input from leading researchers and using the best known practices in the field, CDV has developed scalable solutions and resources which have never existed before. To learn more about the resources, please visit our Tools & Resources Page.

Building a Global Network of Partners

Over the past 4 years, we’ve been hard at work building a network of partnerships with leading organizations that directly touch the lives of children or adults who experience CDV. Our tools and resources are used to educate, train, and empower professionals who work with these individuals to more effectively help them improve their lives. To learn more about who we partner with or how to partner with us, please visit our Partner page.