Care about someone impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV)?

Here’s how you can help them…

Here are the most important things you should know…

If you care about an adult who grew up living in a home with domestic violence or a child who is growing up in such a home now, here is what you need to know to be able to support and help them overcome the impact, heal, and take thier life back.

CDV Had an Impact

Growing up in that home had a profound impact on their life that can be lifelong and may be cripling some or all key areas of their life (physical health, emotional wellbeing, behavior or relationships), without them even knowing. Learn more…

They Picked Up LIES

CDV encodes a cluster of negative beliefs about oneself and the world early in life that skew the cognitive belief system. If left unchallenged, these LIES can lead to a lost list of dire consequence and statistics later in life. Learn more…


They may think they’re the only ones. But the reality is, 1 in 7 people grow up living with domestic violence – 1 billion people globally. And they don’t have to travel the path to healing alone – there’s a whole community of support. Learn more…

They CAN Beat CDV

Research documents clearly that the impact CAN be overcome, the damage CAN be reversed. They CAN reclaim their lives and build the future they desire. And you CAN help them – via some simple steps. Learn more below…

If you care about a CHILD who is facing CDV now…

…including your own child, you are not helpless. You do not have to sit on the sideline. You do not have to be trained in child development or work in a related filed to be able to support and help them. With some very simple actions, you can make a very big difference.

A child’s brain is not fully developed and absorbs information without much filtering. This is why they easily soak up the LIES in these homes. But this is also good for you – by offering them a different perspective, you can help “reset” their brain and shift it onto a different path.

“Even just one conversation can begin to transform a life.”

-Jeffrey L. Edleson, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Graduate School and Harry & Riva Specht Chair Emeritus, School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley

Below are some simple actions you can take today to offer them a different perspective, build their resiliency, and help change their life.

1)  HELP THEM BECOME AWARE: Explain they experienced something in that home that is happening to THEM. Use the term “Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV)” and encourage them to use that term, so they can begin to claim it. There’s so little awareness of CDV, even among those impacted, and even less so among children.

2)  TAKE OUR FREE 40-MIN PROGRAM: Our online program, CHANGE A LIFE, will walk you step by step through how to become THE ONE for a child facing CDV, foster their resiliency and change their life.

3)  WATCH OUR EMMY-NOMINATED CHILDREN’S SEGMENT: You can view the Nick News segment “Family Secrets: When Violence Hits Home” together. Created by Nickelodean, it was the first nationally televised segment for a young audience to spotlight CDV in an age-appropriate way.

4)  USE THE NICK NEWS DISCUSSION GUIDE: Use the The Nick News Discussion Guide to start and navigate the discussion with a young person in a low-pressure, high-impact way.

If you care about an ADULT who was impacted by CDV in childhood…

…there are simple things you can do to support them on their journey to overcome the impact and reclaim their life. Since CDV has less than 10% awareness, most adults are unaware they experienced something in childhood they can claim as THEIR experience. They do not realize it had an impact on them or connect the dots to the struggle they face today. And those who do think the damage is already done and there’s no way out.

But that is not so. Below are some simple things you can do to help them overcome the impact and rewrite their story.

 1)  HELP THEM BECOME AWARE: Explain to them they experienced something growing up in that home that happened to THEM. Use the term “Childhood Domestic Violence” and encourage them to use it, so they can begin to claim it.

2)  SHARE OUR WEBSITE: Direct them to for abundant information and resources that can help them take the first steps to changing their lives.

3)  ENCOURAGE THEM TO DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEETS: Guide them to the CDV Lies & Truths Worksheets, which exposes the LIES learned in their childhood home, illuminate how they’re still present today, and reveal the corresponding TRUTHS that can set them free.

4)  GIVE THEM A COPY OF INVINCIBLE: Our Bestseller INVINCIBLE is the first book written for anyone who grew up with domestic violence, diving deep into every LIE and corresponding TRUTH plus simple steps to reclaim one’s life.