I care about someone impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence 

Help another understand childhood domestic violence

If you care about an adult who grew up in a home living with domestic violence the first step is to help them understand that they experienced childhood domestic violence, the impact that it had, that they are not alone and they are more than they know.

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CDV Had an Impact

Growing up in that home had a profound impact on their life that can be lifelong and can impact key areas of their life (physical health, emotional wellbeing, behavior, relationships), without them even knowing. Learn more…

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False Negative Beliefs Form

Childhood Domestic Violence negatively wires a developing brain and the formation of the cognitive belief system.  It instills a common cluster of negative beliefs that when unchallenged, form the basis of one’s beliefs in adulthood. Learn more…


They often believe they are alone and this is a secret that must be kept.  But the numbers speak for themselves, 1 in 8 people experience CDV.  They are not alone and your role as someone who cares is a vital one. Learn more…

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Help Them See...

There is no obstacle they can face today that compares to the obstacles they had to overcome in childhood.  Obstacles they overcame with only the brain, body and resources available to them in childhood. Learn more...

I care about a child who is experiencing CDV

We developed this program in conjunction with the one of the leading researchers in the field after asking him, “If you could create something that could help as many children as possible who are currently growing up in a home living with domestic violence, what would you build?”  This program is a result of those efforts.  Change A Life is endorsed by U.S. Fund for UNICEF and Children’s Mercy Hospitals, and is the only evidence-based online program of its kind.  This simple, straightforward program is designed to teach a caring adult how to become The ONE for a child growing up in a home living with domestic violence.  The one to help a child feel understood and heard.  The one to help a child know that it isn’t their fault and that a child is never responsible for controlling the actions of an adult.

Childhood Domestic Violence CDV Change A Life Icon
Childhood Domestic Violence CDV Change A Life Icon

…including your own child, you are not helpless. You do not have to sit on the sideline. You do not have to be trained in child development or work in a related filed to be able to support and help them. With some very simple actions, you can make a very big difference.

A child’s brain is not fully developed and absorbs information without much filtering. This is why they easily soak up the LIES in these homes. But this is also good for you – by offering them a different perspective, you can help “reset” their brain and shift it onto a different path.

CDV.ORG If you care about a child facing CDV

1)  Understand that the pathway to resiliency is through a caring adult and you can play that role.

2)  Take the Change A Life program: Our online program, CHANGE A LIFE, will walk you step by step through how to become THE ONE for a child in need.

3)  WATCH OUR EMMY-NOMINATED CHILDREN’S SEGMENT: You can view “Family Secrets: When Violence Hits Home” together. Created by Nickelodeon, it was the first nationally televised segment for a young audience to spotlight CDV in an age-appropriate way.  The Nick News Discussion Guide can provide guidance.

If you care about an ADULT who was impacted by CDV in childhood…

 1)  HELP THEM BECOME AWARE: Share with them what you learned that if you grow up witnessing domestic violence, that’s Childhood Domestic Violence.

2)  SHARE OUR WEBSITE: Direct them to CDV.org as a first step.

3)  ENCOURAGE THEM TO DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEETS: Guide them to the CDV Lies & Truths Worksheets, which is a step by step guide.

4)  GIVE THEM A COPY OF INVINCIBLE: Our Bestseller INVINCIBLE is the first book written for anyone who grew up living in a home with domestic violence that provides a step by step guide to help them reach their innate potential.