What is Childhood Domestic Violence?

Childhood Domestic Violence is when a person grows up
living in a home with domestic violence.

What is it like to experience CDV?

WARNING: This video contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Impact of CDV

The impact of CDV can be profound and lifelong.

Experiencing Childhood Domestic Violence negatively wires a developing brain, encoding a series of
negative beliefs – or LIES – which can negatively effect one’s life: health, mindset, behavior, and relationships. 

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Did you experience CDV?

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Do you care about someone who experienced CDV?

If you care about or work with someone who experienced CDV, this can help you better understand.

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You are not alone.

Why does no one talk about it?

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  • 1

    Globally experience CDV
  • 1 in 7

    An estimated 1 in 7
    experience CDV
  • less than

    Current awareness
    of this issue