When you grow up living in a home with
domestic violence, that’s

Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV)


Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) is Domestic Violence (DV) through the lens of childhood. Through that lense, DV is violence between parents, or towards a parent from a significant other that is physical, nonphysical (verbal) or both. And unlike most other universally understood childhood adversities – like physical child abuse or sexual abuse – CDV remains largely unknown. It has less than 10% awareness – even among those who experience it. More…


1 in 7 people are impacted –
1 billion lives globally

According to experts, 1 in 7 adults experienced domestic violence as children, although most are unaware they experienced something, what to call it, or that it had an impact on them. Currently, 1 in 5 children is facing CDV, so the numbers are growing. But awareness of CDV is currently <10%. More…


275 million children
725 million adults


15 million children
40 million adults

THE IMPACT: CDV can profoundly impact some or all key areas of your life, lasting into adulthood

Childhood Domestic Violence negatively wires a developing brain and the formation of the cognitive belief system. It instills a common cluster of negative beliefs that, if unchallenged, can well into adulthood, holding your life hostage. The impact is associated with many negative outcomes and dire statistics. And you will not achieve your innate potential until you reverse the impact. More…

While they may leave behind the adversity of their childhood, they’re unable to live the lives they want to lead today.


– Dr. Renee McDonald
Leading CDV Expert

THE SOLUTION: 3 Main Paths

It is essential to know that you CAN overcome the impact of CDV and reclaim your life…or help another you care about or work with to do so. 

Below are 3 buttons that take you down 3 different paths, depending on your connection to CDV – whether you yourself were impact, someone you care about, or someone you professionally come into contact with regularly. Click the button that best represents your journey for more education, empowerment, and simple concrete steps to help yourself or another leave CDV in your side-view mirror.