“This book is a gift for anyone who grew up living with domestic violence or for anyone who cares about someone who did.”

Dr. Renee McDonald

Leading CDV expert, Associate Dean,

 Professor of Psychology, SMU

INVINCIBLE - The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up with Domestic Violence and the Truths to Set You Free

I never shared the fact that I experienced childhood domestic violence , and if I had not met Brian, I don’t know if I would have.

– Tony Robbins, from the FOREWORD

Childhood Domestic Violence Tony Robbins
Childhood Domestic Violence Invincible Book
Childhood Domestic Violence Courage Unleashed Tony Robbins

I never shared the fact that I experienced CDV, and if I had not met Brian, I don’t know if I would have.

– Tony Robbins, from the FOREWORD

Childhood Domestic Violence Invincible Book

"Invincible can be a catalyst for change in the lives of millions who grew up living with domestic violence." UNICEF

If you grew up in a home living with domestic violence, care about someone who did or want to help someone who is, this book was written with you in mind.

Through powerful first-person stories, as well as the newest research forming our understanding of how the brain learns, INVINCIBLE examines the 10 LIES learned when someone grows up in a home with domestic violence and the 10 transformative TRUTHS.

It offers a deeper understanding of the impact of growing up living with domestic violence, and offers proven strategies that anyone can use to reach their innate potential and to help another do the same.


“There is no obstacle you can face today, that compares to the obstacles you’ve overcome in childhood.  Obstacles you overcame utilizing only the brain, body and resources you had available to you in childhood.  Knowing that, now with your adult brain, body and resources, what obstacles can’t you overcome today?”

Understanding this new truth, leads to the deepest truth and a logical conclusion available to anyone who faced adversity in their childhood home.  No matter where you are in life currently, you have not tapped into your full potential. You are more than you know.”

– Brian F. Martin, Author of INVINCIBLE, Founder & CEO, Childhood Domestic Violence Association

"Powerful and substantial, many books in one."

“I listened first on audible and ordered the book because I knew I needed to refer to it and I honestly did not want it to end. Every word has so much depth, meaning and it is so substantial that you need to pause to let it penetrate. Brian speaks to your heart and soul and gives you the tools to overcome the adverse effects of abuse. It is many books into one. The beauty is that I feel that everyone can benefit from reading/listening to Invincible because it was so dynamic and multifaceted.

So many things were validated that my instinct knew all along but needed constant confirmation. I felt so not alone and not losing my mind. It was eye-opening and empowering. We normalize so many wrong things, only to wake up one day to realize we have a choice. The book will be by my side, always. Because it speaks the same truth that resides deep in your soul. The book helps bring it to the surface by sharing, awareness, fearing less, building courage, and thriving instead of surviving. It wiped away all my self-doubt.” Reader review, Amazon

Childhood Domestic Violence Invincible Books
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