Emmy-Nominated Children’s Program

Family Secrets:
When Violence Hits Home


The Nick News With Linda Ellerbee special FAMILY SECRETS: WHEN VIOLENCE HITS HOME is an Emmy-nominated children’s program that chronicles the stories of children who grew up living with domestic violence and how they were able to begin to overcome the impact of their experience.

This children’s program was created by Nickelodeon in collaboration with the Childhood Domestic Violence Association, to help speak directly to young people who are either growing up with domestic violence or know someone who is. It first aired in August 2013.

This program was the first television program to speak on the issue of CDV to a young audience. In 2014, FAMILY SECRETS: WHEN VIOLENCE  HITS HOME was honored with an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Children’s Program.”

Accompanying Discussion Guide

FAMILY SECRETS: WHEN VIOLENCE HITS HOME also comes accompanied by a Discussion Guide, which provides a step-by-step walk through of how to organize and host a successful screening and post-screening discussion. It includes sections on how to speak to children about CDV, and the key truths and messages of hope they need to hear. 



FAMILY SECRETS: WHEN VIOLENCE HITS HOME for public screening, please email us at film@cdv.org.




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