“There are 1 billion of us globally impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence – one big family, all struggling together.”

– Brian F. Martin, Founder, Childhood Domestic Violence Association

You Are Not Alone – 1 in 7 People Experienced CDV

CDV.ORG 1-in7 people experienced CDV

If you grew up living with domestic violence in your childhood home, you may think it is an experience only you have faced and no one else will get it or relate. But the truth is, hundreds of millions across the world grow up with Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) – 1 in 7 in fact. Globally nearly 1 billion lives are directly impacted. You are not alone.

CDV You are not alone Global stats

275 Million

growing up with domestic violence

725 Million

were impacted as children

15 Million children

impacted by CDV today

40 Million adults

were impacted as children

Here Are Just a Few Stories of CDV

Meet some of the people who have shared their stories of CDV to help others who are struggling find their path toward healing. Their stories were featured in our 2017 NYT Bestseller, INVINCIBLE.

Chelsea’s Story

“Because of what I went through, there’s nothing I can’t do now. I have already faced so much fear in my life, everything else seems so small in comparison.”

Roger’s Story

My life almost ended on that hot August night. But it didn’t. It helped me figure out what I wasn’t going to be, and what I wasn’t going to do with my life
from that night on.

Carlie’s Story

“Our childhood taught us LIES such as that we aren’t worthy and that we are alone. But we’re not. We are strong and we can overcome this past.”

Did You Experience Childhood Domestic Violence?

If you or someone you care for experienced CDV, it had a significant impact on you/them – whether you/they realize it or not. Learn more…

Due to the very low awarenss of CDV (<10%), most do not realize they were impacted, so they’re unable to find a path to overcoming the impact because they’re simply unaware. AWARENESS is the first step. 

The second step is to SHARE. According to experts, talking about it is one of the most effective ways to overcome the impact – because conversation transforms the meaning. But due to the long-standing stigma and code of silence, sharing is the thing we’re most reluctant to do.

If we do not share, we remain trapped in our childhood. So consider sharing today – with yourself in a journal, with a caring other you trust, or with us below. Your story can both inspire others to start their healing journey and empower yours. Below are also more stories and more steps you can take to start transforming your life.