“I give to CDV because I wish there was a CDV to give to when I was young and needed help.”

-Rod, 45


Make a Financial Contribution

One way to help those impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence is to make a financial contribution towards our work, tools, and initiatives. Whether you are an individual donor or corporate sponsor, your gift enables us to help children growing up with CDV now and the adults who were these children. Your donation allows us to develop and deploy programs and tools that have never existed before to facilitate positive change. It also helps sustain the infrastructure, support the work, and expand the efforts of the Association, which endeavors to serve nearly 1 billion people globally who have never been effectively served before.

To learn more about supporting our efforts or to discuss major giving opportunities, please reach out to support@cdv.org.

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Where the $$ Goes

Here is how financial contributions from our individual donor community are allocated:


CDV_donate_piechart_icon_45 CDV Tools:  We need your support to distribute these tools as widely as possible. With market feedback, we have also identified key tools that are yet to be created, which we plan to build in the next 2 years, to help this population overcome the negative effects of growing up with CDV.
CDV_donate_piechart_icon_35 Programs & Trainings:  We’ve created and need your help to deploy in-person and web-based trainings to properly educate and prepare those who work with and mentor children or adults impacted by CDV. Trainings can be easily scaled through network of organizations.
CDV_donate_piechart_icon_20b Awareness:  We conduct public awareness campaigns and events to raise critical awareness of CDV, which is currently at < 15% among the general public, compared to the other major childhood adversities, most of which have > 95% awareness. Awareness itself is curative, so it is critical for social change to happen.


Unrestricted Individual Giving

You can provide an unrestricted gift, allowing us to choose where and how to best use the funds. Unrestricted gifts are greatly appreciated, as they allow us to determine where the greatest need is at any given time and use your gift to advance our work and mission in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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Restricted Individual Giving

You may opt to restrict your gift towards a very specific campaign, as outlined below:

Donate A Book About the Book Donate a Book
Donate A CDV Toolkit About the Toolkit Donate a Toolkit
Donate A Training About the Trainings Donate a Training



Value of Your Donation

Here are some examples of what your donation helps achieve:


 CDV_money_icons_10c Provision of 1 hard copy of our Bestseller INVINCIBLE (the first book ever written for anyone who grew up w/ CDV or anyone who cares about or mentors someone who did) to a leading organization that works with impacted children or adults (separately valued at $25)
 CDV_money_icons_25c Provision of 2 hard copies of our Bestseller INVINCIBLE, along with a CDV Truths Pendant to a leading organization that works with impacted children or adults (separately valued at $55)

1-hour training of a professional who works with impacted children and adults on how to use our tools to help



Full-day, in-depth, step-by-step custom training of a professional who works with impacted children and adults on how to foster resiliency in a child or adult post-CDV



Provision of our entire CDV Toolkit of 4 unique tools to a leading organization that works with impacted children or adults, plus a 1-hour training on how to use the tools to help


If you have questions about individual giving, please contact support@cdv.org


Corporate or Foundation Giving

There are many giving opportunities for national and regional corporations and foundations seeking to partners with CDV to make a difference. These include the creation and deployment of tools and programs that have never existed before, public awareness campaigns and events, collaborative initiatives, and infrastructure needs.

If you would like to discuss becoming a corporate sponsor or foundation partner, please contact info@cdv.org / 212-330-8016.