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Did you grow up living with domestic violence? Do you love someone who did?  Do you care about a child who may be experiencing it crrently?

We utilize social media to build awareness of childhood domestic violence and to share helpful messages with those who experienced it and with those who care about another who did.   It is a place where when can come to share, whenever they choose to as we understand that tho share, is to overcome an obstacle.  

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3 Key Things You Can Do on Social

1) By simply liking or sharing our posts, you’re adding an essential element to the discussion. By adding a comment, you’re helping give others courage to share – one of the key things that researchers believe leads to resiliency in those who grow up living with CDV.

2) Share our pages with friends and family who may have experienced other Adverse Childhood Experiences.  More than half of those who experienced childhood domestic violence experienced five other ACE’s. 

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3) Want to do more? Become a Social Media Volunteer (SMV). A couple of minutes of your time can help build critical awareness of CDV and make a difference in millions of lives. Email to learn more.