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The Easiest Way to Increase Awareness

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Did you grow up living with domestic violence and feel completely alone? Or do you know someone who grew up with it and struggle to understand and help them?

Along with bringing critical awareness to a critical global issue, social media is a great way to connect people who are impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence or want to help those who are and build a sense of community. Sharing and supporting others who’ve faced CDV is healing and empowering.

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Join the conversation on our growing social community to read the latest articles about CDV, hear compelling stories from those who grew up living with domestic violence, and engage with people from around the world who want to make a positive change in their lives or the lives of others impacted by CDV.

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3 Key Things You Can Do on Social

1) By simply liking or sharing our posts, you’re adding an essential element to the discussion. By adding a comment, you’re helping give others courage to share – one of the key things that researchers believe leads to resiliency in those who grow up living with CDV.

2) Another simple step you can take to help give a name to the one childhood adversity that has less than 10% awareness is to add this cover photo to your Twitter or Facebook page.

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3) Want to do more? Become a Social Media Volunteer (SMV). A couple of minutes of your time can help build critical awareness of CDV and make a difference in millions of lives. Email to learn more.