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The Resiliency Focused Mentoring TM Training (RFMT) is an unprecedented, comprehensive, 5-hour certification curriculum for professionals who interact with children impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) or other major childhood adversities.

The RFMT training was created by the “founding father” of resiliency and modern stress management, Dr. George Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, FAPA, FAPM, in conjunction with the Childhood Domestic Violence Association (CDVA).


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The training was built using CDVA’s empirically tested, evidence-based CHANGE A LIFE program, endorsed by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, and the findings presented in INVINCIBLE: The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up with Domestic Violence and the Truths to Set You Free authored by Brian F. Martin, CDVA Founder, as the baseline, building extensively on their key principles. It incorporates the most prominent neuroscience and psychology research and best practices. In addition, the program applies the key principles of resiliency theory documented through Dr. Everly’s extensive expertise and proven results. It leads from research and resiliency theory to practical application by guiding trainees in a clear, simple path through the strategies, techniques, concrete steps, and key messages that can be applied to foster resiliency and achieve optimal outcomes in children impacted by trauma.


This course is intended for a cross-section of disciplines, including the psychological, psychosocial, educational, medical/nursing, criminal justice, and other “helping professions” – i.e. it is appropriate for any professional who interacts regularly with children impacted by adversities like CDV. Is relevant for anyone working in or intersecting child development or youth crisis prevention – particularly social workers, school social workers, social service administrators, and guidance counselors, but also teachers, day care providers, child advocates and youth mentors, as well as clinicians, pediatric health/medical, and juvenile justice professionals.


The program is an intensive 5-hour distance learning course that incorporates video lectures, experiential learning, course evaluations, and testing. It comprises seven core sections that each consist of a presentation in video format, followed by an experiential section where trainees are asked to apply and practice what they’ve learned. The video lectures are delivered by Dr. Everly.


Research shows that early intervention is critical in making a lasting positive impact on a child impacted by CDV or other childhood adversities. The program is expected to help foster and optimize early interventions to enable a significant increase in positive future outcomes among these children. 

The key learning objectives of the course are:

  1. Significantly (at least by 30%) increased AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING of CDV, its nature, and its impact, as a serious childhood adversity that has a profound and life-altering impact,
  2. Significantly (at least by 30%) increased KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of the key principles and concepts of RESILIENCY THEORY and of RESILIENCY-BASED MENTORING
  3. Significantly (at least by 30%) increased KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of the specific strategies, techniques, sequence of concrete steps and activities mentors can apply to foster resiliency in impacted children, and
  4. Significantly (at least by 30%) increased MOTIVATION and CONFIDENCE to proactively and effectively apply the strategies, techniques, steps, and activities learned, in order to successfully intervene with impacted children and foster optimal positive outcomes.


This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886799264-4822) for 5 continuing education contact hours. This approval was secured in follow-up to the accreditation of the live course for 7 hours of continued education (CE) by the National Association of Social Workers last year (2019). Applications are also underway for accreditations by the American Psychological Association and the National Guidance Counselors’ Association.


The training has been subsidized by CDVA and hence, for a limited time after its roll-out, the cost of taking the full training is $195.



Prior to developing the training, we conducted extensive research into other programs, trainings, and certifications that were assumed to be similar in nature. The intent was to identify if anything comparable currently existed for professionals who work with CDV-impacted children (or adults) daily, also to determine if such trainings/programs were in fact scalable in nature.

A number of programs / trainings / resources were uncovered that at first glance appeared to have characteristics in common with what CDVA was seeking to develop. But in digging deeper and following hundreds of conversations with diverse professionals whom CDVA senior leaders presented to over the course of several years, we determined that these programs / trainings / resources lacked at least one but typically two or more of the 4 fundamentals that make the RFMT unprecedented, unparalleled, and highly necessary: 

1) GROUNDED IN SOLID RESEARCH: Spearheaded by a leading researcher and based on the most prominent and salient research and proven best practices related to helping children impacted by CDV or major adversity;

2) COMPREHENSIVE & COMPLETE: Extensive, comprehensive, and very in-depth format, which clearly and logically identifies specific tools, strategies, tactics, steps, and activities that professionals can apply in their work;

3)  WIDELY APPLICABLE: Broad enough to be applicable to professionals from a multitude of disciplines that intercept children impacted by CDV, which allows it to be scaled widely;

4) SIMPLE TO REPLICATE: Simple to replicate, with very few barriers, among hundreds of thousands of professionals.



CDVA’s CHANGE A LIFE (CAL) program, referenced above, is the only free, evidence-based simple, self-administered online program of its kind in the world, built to train and prepare any caring adult to step into the life of a child experiencing CDV and help foster their resiliency. Developed by the leading researcher globally on CDV – Jeffrey Edleson, PhD – it was built around an essential premise that a significant predictor of positive outcomes is the presence of at least one caring adult – THE ONE – in a child’s life, who steps in to help them unlearn the negative beliefs (LIES) learned in that home and change their life.

The efficacy of the program was empirically tested in a 2-year study conducted at Southern Methodist University and the findings were published in 2016 in the Journal of Family Violence. The program was intended for laymen, with intent to create an “army” of first responders, much in the vein of a CPR course. Its goal was to prepare as many caring adults as possible to intervene readily and confidently with children impacted by CDV. But despite the fact that it was not build for the professional community, in 4 years, it has been taken by thousands of professionals from 600+ leading nonprofits, social welfare organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions nationwide (including the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the National Children’s Crisis Center, the Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc). Although CAL has received steady positive feedback, many professionals requested more than a simple 40-minute online program can offer and many of our current partner organizations have repeatedly asked for it as well – a much more extensive, elaborate training that goes beyond CAL, digging deeper.

We answered that call by developing the RFMT, which IS built and geared specifically for the professional community.


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