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Over the past 10 years, we’ve developed groundbreaking, highly scalable tools and resources in collaborations with leading researchers and institutions and using the best-known practices in the field that have never existed before, to help as many children and adults impacted as possible. These tools were built separately, as stand-alone tools, to be deployed individually and each tool serves a similar purpose and is intended for a slightly different constituency. But they are interconnected in a number of ways and complement each other. So, in working with leading partner organizations nationwide over the past 2 years, we realized the tools optimize the outcomes and benefit when used together. So, we packaged all of them, along with supporting materials and information, together into 1 box – the CDV TOOLKIT.

The CDV Toolkit

ToolkitTo build awareness, understanding, and sharing surrounding the issue of Childhood Domestic Violence, we have created the CDV Toolkit – a compilation of the essential tools we’ve developed over the past 10 years to help those impacted by CDV… or those who care for, work with, and mentor them.       



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Inside The Toolkit


Best-Seller Invincible

-First book written for anyone who grew up with CDV or cares about someone who did 

-Audiobook & e-Book available

-Intro by Tony Robbins

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Award-Winning Documentary

-First to examine CDV from the viewpoint of childhood

-42-minute run time, 1 hour with discussion

-Appropriate for age 15 and older

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Emmy Nominated Nick News Segment

-Produced collaboratively with Nickelodeon

-22-minute run time, 45 minutes with discussion

-Appropriate for ages 5-17

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Toolkit Training Guide

Overview of the CDV toolkit and its contents.

Download the PDF


Book Discussion Guide

Summarizes the knowledge in the field, the highlights of the book and how to host a successful discussion or training.

Download the PDF


Film Discussion Guide

Guide to planning and executing a successful screening and post-screening discussion.

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Nick News Discussion Guide

Guide to planning and executing a successful screening and post-screening discussion. Includes a section on how to talk to children about Childhood Domestic Violence.

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CDV Truth Pendant 1

Copper pendant with first letter of each of the 10 TRUTHS engraved.

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CDV Truth Pendant 2

Silver pendant with first letter of each of the 10 TRUTHS engraved.

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Help deliver these tools to those who need them most

Would you like to help someone impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence? Below are 3 ways in which you can help land these tools and resources in the hands of those who need them most.

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The CDV TOOLKIT is an excellent starting point for building greater awareness and understanding of CDV, especially among those who come into contact with impacted children or adults regularly. But for many who work very closely and hands-on with these individuals, additional information and training is often needed to optimize their ability and confidence to act effectively. Our free, 30-min online program CHANGE A LIFE is the next step.

Change a Life

Change_A_Life_Heart (2)

The Change A Life program is a first-of-its-kind, empirically tested, evidence-based program developed to train caring adults how to help children impacted by CDV. Developed by the world’s leading researcher and endorsed by UNICEF, it is a 30-minute, free, self-administered online program created to help increase an individual’s knowledge about the effects of CDV and give them greater confidence in their ability to help children who grow up with violence in their homes, as well as support friends or other adults who previously experienced CDV. To take Change A Life now, CLICK HERE.


Where to start if you need help

There are many ways for you to partner with us and help bring awareness to CDV and make an impact.

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