Dr. Linda Olson

CDV.ORG Dr Linda OlsonDr. Linda Olson

Licensed Psychologist and Victim Advocate
Chairwoman of Georgia CDV Chapter

In addition to decades of work with those suffering from trauma, especially childhood domestic violence (CDV), Dr. Olson has spent 18 years as a CDV victim advocate. In her client work, she also specializes in PTSD and grief and loss. Linda earned a Master’s in Social Work and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of Iowa and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University, Atlanta.

Dr. Olson grew up with childhood domestic violence, found herself in a repeated cycle in her own marriage and lost two adult sisters to violence related to abusive relationships. Her experience inspired her to dedicate her life to helping children and adults overcome the effects of CDV and to raising awareness about it.

In the work she has done with children and adults, Linda helps them develop the tools to gain hope, achieve their dreams and escape the cycle of abuse. She is passionate about helping victims of CDV understand that what they’ve experienced is not their fault. She tells those she works with, “Be courageous, be victorious and most importantly, reach for your full potential. That is the final step to breaking the cycle of abuse, and it will change your life and the lives of your loved ones forever.”

Dr. Olson practices in Atlanta and has three grown sons.