Rod Hairston 

Rod HairstonRod Hairston

CEO and Chairman, Envision U
Author and Speaker

Rod is one of the fastest growing authorities in America in the area of organizational performance and human potential. He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with an outstanding ability to inspire and stimulate people to action. He is also the author of a book based on the 45-Day Challenge.

After 11 years of active military, Rod spent the next eight working with one of the most famous performance coaches in the world: Anthony Robbins. As Master trainer, Rod has presented several major programs for Robbins, including “Discovery Camp,” where Rod and his highly trained staff provided personal development sessions to 400 teenagers representing 4 different nations. This highly acclaimed program has been considered by the Discovery Channel and HBO family to be the basis for a documentary on successful youth leadership programs. Due to its success, in July of 2003, Rod again managed staff and served as lead presenter and facilitator for Discovery Camp 2003 for over 1,000 teenagers.

Rod is the CEO and Chairman of Envision U, a dynamic coaching and training company that is internationally known for its 45-Day Challenge series, the best integration program in the market. Rod is an avid believer that “the life you have, you’ve created – with your thinking and emotions.” One of his favorite sayings is: “What’s hard to do in the beginning is easy to live with in the end.” And he believes that a person should be most concerned with the habits they create for their life – the habits of thinking, feeling (emotion) and acting (behavior).

Rod Hairston’s focus is performance and leadership development. He has also designed and delivered sales training, presentation and influence training, management training, team building and strategic planning.