Thinking about sharing your written story? Take a look at the simple instructions below to help guide you step by step. Sharing is one of the most effective ways to overcome the potential lifelong impact of major adversity, so talking about your experience and journey to heal will itself be healing.  

Once you write up your narrative, submitting should take you no more than 3 minutes. If you have any questions or run into any glitches, please reach out to and we’ll be happy to assist.


Not sure what to talk about in your narrative? Here are the key things to touch on:

    • What was it like to grow up in a home with domestic violence (CDV)?
    • As a child, what did you call your experiences of growing up with domestic violence? Does having a name for your experience now (Childhood Domestic Violence or CDV) help you in any way?
    • How has CDV impacted your physical health, emotional wellbeing, behaviors, and relationships?
    • Do you believe experiencing CDV has made you “less than”…or “more than”?
    • Have you been able to overcome the negative impact? Or are you currently on your journey of healing? How have you or are you overcoming the impact? Did someone (THE ONE) step in to support you?
    • What is your life (job, hobbies, relationships, physical health, mental health) like? 
    • What words of advice or inspiration would you give to others who faced CDV?

Submitting Your Story: 

    • Complete the brief form below – fields marked with an asterisk are required
    • Include an email address where we can email your confirmation when your story has been approved and is live
    • Click the “Add File” button at the bottom of the form in the File Upload, then select your story file on your computer or phone
    • Click “Submit” to submit your completed form and video

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