What Happens in Childhood Doesn't Stay in Childhood.

More than 1 billion people alive today experienced childhood domestic violence. Yet, most who did are unaware of the issue, impact and answers.


Many believe they were just ‘witnessess’. Some can’t put a name to it. Others can’t reconcile it. Yet, CDV impacts mental & physical health, relationships, education, finances, feeds the cycle of violence and obstructs one from reaching their full potential.

Awareness and education changes everything. Your support goes directly towards the distribution of proven tools to educate and to achieve universal global awareness.

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The Problem

UNICEF calls growing up in a home with domestic violence “one of the most pervasive human rights challenges of our time.” It impacts nearly 1 in 7 people. Abundant research has shown its profound and often lifelong negative impact, with startling statistics that point to a grim prognosis. But there’s virtually no awareness and very few programs or solutions to curb this impact.

The Solution

Research shows the damage CAN be reversed because the brain CAN unlearn what was learned in that home. The first steps are awareness, understanding, and sharing. Unlearning the negative beliefs ingrained in childhood and replacing them with positive beliefs and behaviors can change a life. Having the one to show you the way is key.

Our Impact

Our training programs and resources, spearheaded by the leading experts globally, are the first of their kind. They help guide those impacted down a different path. They’ve trained 5K caring adults how to be THE ONE for an impacted child. They’ve educated 35,000+ professionals who work with those impacted in a high touch way to effectively intervene and optimize outcomes. And our social platforms give 45K people touched by this issue a place to call home.

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