Expose the LIES of CDV and Embrace the TRUTHS to Start Reclaiming Your Life


Growing up in a home with domestic violence negatively wires a developing brain, encoding a cluster of negative beliefs – LIES – that teach people to believe things about themselves and the world that are not true. These beliefs are linked to changes in their cognitive belief system and have a detrimental effect on their self-concept. If unchallenged, they can last into adulthood crippling key areas of their life and hold those impacted back from their innate potential. The impact can be profound and lifelong.

Leading experts agree that these negative beliefs tend to fall into 10 distinct categories. Take a look as see which ones sound familiar.

They can never hope to reach their full potential in life…unless they unlearn what was learned in that home…and learn anew.

Dr. David Souza

GUILTY, because it was their fault – they should have stopped it.

RESENTFUL, bitter, having no true compassion for another.

SAD, hurt, often feeling a sense of loss.

ALONE, truly not connected to others.

ANGRY, prone to violence and in a frequent state of frustration.

HOPELESS, because often, life has no purpose and things don’t work out.

WORTHLESS, unimportant, not good enough, a failure.

FEARFUL, uncertain, timid, lacking true confidence inside.

SELF-CONSCIOUS, unattractive, not good enough for another.

UNLOVED, not able to really love or be loved.

The Corresponding TRUTHS that Counter the LIES

For every LIE, there’s a corresponding TRUTH that negates the LIE. Although they TRUTHS may “feel” unnatural to us, because growing up in that home, we were programmed to believe the LIES, plenty of scientific evidence suggests because of what we experienced growing up, we’re much more conditioned to embody the TRUTHS than the LIES. We normally just don’t realize this because of what oru brain encoded in those early years.

But the TRUTHS are in us, they’re the hidden gifts we inherited in exchange for the high price paid in that home – our secret weapon and the antidote that can help us build resilience, heal, and change our life.

FREE from the illusion of guilt, because a child is never responsible for the actions of an adult.

COMPASSIONATE for others and self, because they know what real hurt feels like.

GRATEFUL, because they focus on what they have and what they’ve gained, not what they’ve lost.

TRUSTING, because as they assume that another’s intent is positive, they will never be alone.

PASSIONATE, as they take control of the energy from anger and point it towards their passion.

GUIDED, because they have purpose now.

ACCOMPLISHED, because as they realize what they had to overcome as a child, few other obstacles compare.

CONFIDENT, because they know what real fear feels like, and this gives them confidence to face anything.

ATTRACTIVE, because as they realize the TRUTHS, they feel esteem for self and are more attractive to others.

LOVED, because making others feel cared for, appreciated and important makes them feel the same.

Unlearn the LIES and Replace them with the TRUTHS

Leading experts and abundant research shown the brain CAN unlearn and learn anew. The moment you become aware of the LIES, realize they’re false, and begin to embrace the TRUTHS is the moment you’re no longer a victim but become victorious.

Because of what you faced in your childhood home, you uniquely CAN. As soon as you realize that you can begin to change your life! Expose the LIES, reveal the TRUTHS and apply simple steps and techniques daily to help you shift your belief system, change your habits, overcome the impact, and get on a path to your innate potential. Follow the simple steps below to get started. The time is now.