With Valentine’s Day just a day away, many children of domestic violence are painfully reminded how alone and unloved they felt growing up. Many still do to this day, believing one of the most pervasive LIES that childhood domestic violence teaches – that they are unlovable and unworthy of love.

Today is Loving on Me Day, founded by Loving on Me. This special day, being launched today, is intended to celebrate what’s brilliant about you. It’s about raising awareness of the important and powerful principle that loving yourself is a essential milestone on the path to a fulfilling life and successful future.

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This special day reminds all – but especially those who grew up in homes with domestic violence – that learning to love yourself is the first step to unlearning the LIE and living the TRUTH. The Truth is that you ARE worthy of love and that first and foremost, you’re deserving of your own love and respect. It is only by realizing and living this Truth that you can then learn to give and receiving love from others.

Sometimes the simplest truths are hardest to recognize. But once they are recognized, once there’s awareness, our mind can’t help but find evidence to reinforce these truths. By learning to truly love yourself, you will soon begin to recognize the love coming from others that you may not have noticed before and you will be more generous with returning this love when it’s well deserved. The veil of self-doubt will begin to lift and you will see many doors to a fulfilling, successful future that you may have thought were closed begin to open before you.

Join us in supporting Loving on Me Day and spreading the message of loving oneself to others!

The CDV Team