According to research, if you grow up living with domestic violence, there is a 50% chance you also experienced physical child abuse.


How confusing it is to one night be a savior, in that you may try to stop the violence between your parents…And then the next night, the same people who you were trying to protect just the evening prior, now turn their physical violence towards you. Perhaps with an open handed punch to the face or maybe with a belt, so long as they can distance themselves a bit from the event.

Today marks the start of National Child Abuse Prevention Month and we applaud and thank each and every person who dedicates their life to helping ease the suffering of a child who cannot ease it for themselves.

But we also must never forget the adults who were once these children, the vast majority of whom grew up living with domestic violence. And while the physical pain goes away, the psychological damage of growing up in one of those homes is even more impactful.

Growing up with domestic violence, they learned a set of LIES that keep them from living the lives they were meant to lead. For them, it is essential to unlearn these LIES which often direct their lives and embrace the TRUTHS that will lead them towards their full potential.