We at CDV-Children of Domestic Violence have been growing steadily and have made some major strides over the past year that we’re eager to share.

If you grew up living with domestic violence or care about someone who did, you don’t have to continuing living with the negative effects today. We’ve created a toolkit of scale-able resources for you to take advantage of, with minimal barriers to access.

We invite you to learn more below and hope you will join us and grow with us in the days ahead.


Did you or someone you care about grow up living with domestic violence? 1 in 6 are impacted, but there are no scalable resources or widely practiced solutions. In the fall, Penguin Random House will release our book, Invincible: The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up With Domestic Violence, and the Truths to Set You Free. Invincible is the first book of its kind, seeking to change the lack of awareness and understanding through a compelling look that will inform and inspire anyone who grew up living with domestic violence and those who love, work with, teach and mentor them.
change-a-life1Authored by CDV’s founder, Brian F. Martin, this book aims to help those impacted unlearn the 10 key Lies encoded growing up with domestic violence, embrace the 10 trans formative Truths, and reach their full potential. According to one of the world’s leading researcher, “it’s a gift for anyone who grew up living with domestic violence or anyone who cares about someone who did.”

In the spring, we launched a ground-breaking national campaign to make thousands of free copies available to leading organizations whose work touches the lives of children or adults who are growing up or grew up living with domestic violence. Through this campaign, more than 14,000 books have been assigned to nearly 13,500+ physical locations with more than 40 leading partner organizations, including UNICEF, Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the National Children’s Advocacy Center, the New York Department of Education, the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association, and many more.

To support this campaign and help send a free book to someone else in need served by one of these leading organization, click here. If you’re an organization that would like to become a partner in the 2nd distribution campaign, slated for next year, reach out to us at book@cdv.org

PRE-ORDER the book here.


The first-ever children’s television program addressing childhood domestic violence was recently honored with an Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Children’s Program category last week. We worked with Nickelodeon to create this Nick News segment with Linda Ellerbee, “Family Secrets: When Violence Hits Home,” which aired in

CDV Book

August 2013. It prominently spotlights Chelsea, Emily and Elijah – three of the Waldroup children featured in our award-winning documentary, THE CHILDREN NEXT DOOR, alongside other stories. We’re so proud and honored to have played a prominent role in the development of this segment. Read more.


Do you know a child living with domestic violence? Do you know what to say to them? Knowing what to say is one of the key factors that can lead to resiliency and help them reach their full potential. Even 1 conversation can begin to reshape their belief system and change their life.

But most don’t know the simple things to say that can help a child or teen begin to unlearn what was learned growing up in that home and put them on a different path. We invite you to take our 30-minute, free, simple, self-administered online training, Change A Life. Created in partnership with one of the leading research centers in the world and endorsed by UNICEF and Children’s Mercy Hospital, it will teach you some simple things to do and key messages to share with a child that can lead them to the Truth they are unable to see for themselves, foster their resiliency, and help change their life


We know from the research that change happens through AWARENESS, UNDERSTANDING, AND SHARING. If you grew up living with domestic violence, you are not alone. You don’t have to take the journey to heal and reach your full potential alone.

Join us in this movement – learn the facts about CDV, help spread the word, and use the tools to change the impact of childhood domestic violence on your life or that of another.

There are many ways you can participate and we encourage you to contribute however you feel is ideal for you. Some of the best ways are the simplest: by simply taking part in the discussion on social media, you can help build critical awareness, which is currently less than 10%.

We hope you will join us.