Brian F. Martin started CDV because he couldn’t find a place to go where the sole focus was to help those who grew up living with domestic violence to become aware, understand and share. And while he may have started it, it is not his. It is everyone’s. And he would like to invite you to become a part of it.


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The easiest way to get involved is to become a SMV – or Social Media Volunteer. The role of an SMV is to be the main go-to person and catalyst for change – for anyone who either grew up living with domestic violence, cares about someone who did, or is the parent of a child who is –within their own social media community.


If you are interested in becoming an SMV, here are the things you can do:

  • JOIN BRIAN ON TWITTER: Join Brian on twitter at @BrianFMartin and he will follow you, so you can communicate.
  • SHARE THE CONTENT TO SPREAD AWARENESS: If you find it helpful, please share the content Brian posts (such as the recent article on on Facebook or Twitter, and please like, retweet, & favor it, so you can reach more people in need. Brian works to share content that he believes is helpful and empowering for the community. Please do the same with CDV’s main Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • COMMENT ON BLOGS: Blogs will post on Brian’s blog ( and here on CDV’s main blog, twice per week. If you read the blog and something strikes you, please comment or share.

Those are the roles of an SMV. You will also receive periodic emails from Brian that only go out to a very small group of people roughly once a month.

If you are interested in being an SMV, please send an email to and let us know, so we can get started and Brian can make certain to follow you back on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for your interest, energy, compassion and care!