By Karen Pautz

This article from the Siskiyou Daily News reviews research that traumatic experiences, like witnessing domestic violence, produce a long lasting stress response. Babies, children and youth who witness domestic violence are chronically stressed. The chaos in the home creates a roller coaster of emotional instability.

Often we think babies and very young children are “too young” to be impacted by exposure to domestic violence. However, the impact is greater when the trauma happens in the formative years of life. The very first experiences of babies are the building blocks for their life.

The younger a child is the more “sponge like” a child’s brain is. Eighty percent of human brain develops in the first three years of life- this is the reason that children learn so much in such a short time, including language, walking, etc. You can read the entire article HERE.

Source: Siskiyou Daily News