It took Claudia Martine decades to realize how profound and lasting the impact of Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) is. As an adult, she is finally opening up about the trauma she faced in childhood, in order to begin to heal. 
She is one of the lucky ones. Most who are impacted by CDV don’t even realize they experienced “something” and that it had a severe, damaging, and lasting impact on their lives, because CDV has very little overall awareness and those who experience it learn early on to keep it a secret.
55 million Americans are impacted by CDV, but it often gets dismissed as insignificant when the child isn’t the direct target of the abuse themselves. And most aren’t, but the damage from growing up in a home where Domestic Violence is still the same as that from physical child abuse. 
In this article, Claudio shares her journey of self-awareness in hopes that she can help other survivors realize the profound impact of CDV and begin to heal as well.