If you were raised in a home with domestic violence, the holidays can be a difficult time that brings back not-so-warm memories of your childhood. Whereas Thanksgiving reunites others with family and fosters happy strolls down memory lane with loved ones over hearty turkey dinners, those who grew up with CDV typically do not look back on their childhood and childhood home with warm nostalgia. Many may find themselves dreading this time of year and some may even seek to avoid it altogether. 
But luckily, difficult memories are not the only thing CV leaves behind. Out of great adversity comes great strength. Growing up with domestic violence in one’s childhood home provides a person with a unique set of gifts that those who did not experience CDV do not have. Those who have become aware, recognized, and embracing those unique gifts have discovered the path to overcoming the negative impact of this childhood experience and reaching their full potential. Have you?

If you have, you now have a chance to enter to win some great prizes from CDVA, just by SHARING with us – and one of the keys to overcoming the impact it to share. Send us 10-100 words describing what gifts came out of your CDV experience that you’re THANKFUL FOR. You will have a chance to win a free AUDIOBOOK of our New York Times Bestseller INVINCIBLE and also to be entered into our HOLIDAY RAFFLE for a shot at winning an 18 Karat Yellow Gold Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring, valued at $850!

Happy Thanksgiving!