If You Love Someone Who Grew Up With CDV
Give The Gift That Really Counts This Holiday!

From the time spent with family, to decorating the house and tree, singing carols, and giving gifts to the ones you love, the holiday season is truly a wonderful time of the year. With the festive and jovial spirit in the air, it is a magical time and a time to show the kindness and abundance in our hearts by gifting to and receiving gifts from the ones we care about most.

But shopping for the holidays can be overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming. Every year people scrounge for gift ideas, hoping to find for others what they will most want or need. We look for gifts that we think will bring happiness to our loved ones, improve their lives in noteworthy ways, or help bring them closer to their hopes and dreams. And those gifts – the ones that really matter – can be hard to find.

If someone you love grew up living with Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) or other major adversity in their childhood home and for whom the holidays can still be tough, it may be even more difficult to find that perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Childhood Domestic Violence Wreaks Havoc on a Life.

When someone grows up living with domestic violence, they experience Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) – violence between their parents or violence towards a parent, perhaps from a stepparent or significant other, which can be physical, non-physical, or both, and is NOT directed towards the child. Adversities faced in childhood are very different than those faced as an adult because childhood is the most helpless and vulnerable time in a person’s life; plus also, watching the 2 people you care about the most hurt one another without being able to do anything about it has an impact very different that adversities experienced outside the home. CDV is a major childhood adversity that has a profound and defining impact on a life and can rob those who grew up with it from the life, fulfillment, and happiness they deserve.

This Year, Why Not Consider Giving Them a Gift That Could Be Truly Life-Changing.

This holiday, here’re 3 truly meaningful gifts you can give to someone who grew up with CDV and may still be struggling that can help fuel powerful life-changing New Year’s resolutions.

  • INVINCIBLE: The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up with Domestic Violence, and the Truths to Set You Free, a New York Times Bestseller, is the first book to speak directly to anyone who grows up living with domestic violence or anyone who cares about someone who did. It deconstructs the 10 major LIES those who grow up with CDV learn and provides a step-by-step process for replacing them with transformative reaffirming TRUTHS that can help change their life. ($10) Learn more here.
  • CDV TRUTH PENDANTS: These 2 pendants – 1 copper/1 silver – can adorn any outfit. But unlike most accessories, they also carry a deeper meaning and purpose. On each side are the letters that can serve as a constant reminder of the 10 transformative TRUTHS that are present in their life and void the LIES learned in childhood that may creep up in times of uncertainty, struggle, or doubt. ($30) Learn more here.
  • COURAGE UNLEASHED: This breakthrough 45-day online program combines INVINCIBLE with a powerful proven conditioning model that leads users to overcome faulty beliefs, habits, and behaviors learned from CDV and completely transform their lives. Created by the leading researcher globally on stress management and human resiliency, it takes only minutes each day and can be a life-changing gift for someone who still struggles after CDV or just isn’t where they wish to be in life. ($39.95) Learn more here.

This holiday season, why not consider giving the ultimate gift to a loved one that can guide them overcome their past, unleash the inner courage and uncommon strength they may not even realize they have, surpass the invisible barriers holding them back, and become their best self on the path to reaching their full potential.

From us at the CDV team to you and your loved ones – wishing you very Happy Holidays!