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We could not be more honored to have had the opportunity to work with Nickelodeon in the creation of the Nick News with Linda Ellerbee special, “Family Secrets: When Violence Hits Home,” which was nominated for an Emmy Award last week.  The Hollywood Reporter covered the nomination in their article, “‘Nick News’ Special Shines a Light on Childhood Domestic Violence”  The Children of Domestic Violence foundation (CDV) worked with Nick News to help them communicate directly to young people who are either growing up with domestic violence or know someone who is. The episode featured interviews with several children of domestic violence, among them Chelsea, Elijah, and Emily– three of the children featured in our award-winning film, THE CHILDREN NEXT DOOR. The special helps accomplish three critical goals:

  1. BUILD AWARENESS: By highlighting this issue, Nick News sent a powerful message to all viewers who live, or have lived, in homes with domestic violence that they are NOT alone and that it is NOT their fault. The Emmy nomination provides further social proof and validation of childhood domestic violence as a critical social issue. This will help build awareness, which is currently less than 10 percent. Increased awareness, understanding and sharing will lead to more and more people learning the Truth and reaching their full potential.
  1. REVEAL THE TRUTHS: Key truths concerning childhood domestic violence are revealed throughout this segment. For a person raised in one of these homes, the pathway to their full potential is to unlearn the Lies and embrace the transformative Truths. This most often happens when a caring adult steps in; one who is able to offer simple messages of hope and support and who shares with the child the Truths behind what they’ve experienced. This segment proves to the young viewers that sharing is key because, as they share, caring adults will appear who can help them unlearn what was learned, and realize the life they were meant to have.
  1. PROVIDE ROLE MODELS: The children featured in this episode are not only role models when it comes to sharing, but are also role models of what is possible; symbols of hope for any young viewer living with domestic violence today.

This ground-breaking special marks a milestone in the movement against childhood domestic violence. It will help millions discover the Truths and reach their full potential.  We commend Nickelodeon for their courage to air “Family Secrets: When Violence Hits Home,” and we extend our heartfelt congratulations on the Emmy nomination.  We are proud to have been involved in the creation of such a successful program.