By Roger “ROCK” Lockridge, Guest Blogger and contributor to INVINCIBLE

It’s very likely that most of you reading this blog have been directly affected by what we now know as Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) or you know someone who has. If that is the case, I hope you have your copy of INVINCIBLE and have taken the necessary steps to begin rejecting the LIES and embracing theTRUTHS. The people who have done so are doing more than just repairing their lives. They are taking steps to play positive roles in helping many other people change their own lives as well. For that, I would personally like to say “thank you” to those people who have become champions of the cause.

It’s also very likely that some of you reading this are just now starting to explore and learn more about CDV and have yet to get your copy of INVINCIBLE. If you fall in this category, then I would like to ask you…no…beg you to please get a copy of this book and learn more from Not for me, but for yourself as well as those that love you. It’s going to be very easy to take this testimony and dismiss it because my story is in the book. I promise you that the statements that follow are not made because I am in the book, but because of the other information that the book contains. I want to share with you what INVINCIBLE can do, what it did for me, and how it likely echoes the thoughts of many other people who grew up in a home similar to mine.

As you go page by page through this book, you’re going to do a lot of learning. You’ll learn about how these LIES get stuck in our brains, and how our cognitive biases reinforce them until they seem impossible to let go of. Next, you’ll start to see that the LIES are just that – and not what we previously understood as the truths. After that, you will not only see what the truths actually are, but you will see them in your life, and then you can begin to reverse the cycle of confirmation you brain has been putting you through. Finally, you’re going to finish the book with a completely new understanding of not only the truths but of yourself. Eventually, you will face a mirror and see that you have been reintroduced to yourself. That reintroduction will create a feeling of excitement as you realize that what you thought limited you actually instilled in you an ability to seize limitless opportunities.

domestic-violence-story-quote-386x257I can tell you this becauseINVINCIBLE did this for me.I know all too well how it feels to be defeated and down on yourself. I used to look forward to going to sleep because it was my chance to get away from what I perceived life to be. When I woke up, I would think to myself how I would do anything to stay in bed and not have to get up and face what lay ahead. I based my self-worth on the opinions and approval of others and would take any measure I thought was necessary to get that approval. I assumed marriage and fatherhood wasn’t meant for me and had started to accept that.

The success I achieved in my life “pre-INVINCIBLE” wasn’t because of any major inner strength within myself, but it was actually in spite of myself. Once I realized that and accepted the truths that I learned from INVINCIBLE, I started waking up earlier and sleeping less. Not because of having to stay up, but because I have this energy that allows me to pursue as many opportunities as possible to succeed, grow, and help more people realize that they can do the same.

If you’re someone who is just now discovering that there is a name that applies to what you dealt with in childhood, then this could be your future if you take the time to explore more about CDV and yourself. If you’ve already read INVINCIBLE, watched the videos, read the testimonials, and taken this journey, then you likely are experiencing the same feelings that I have. However, my story is only one of an estimated one billion around the world. You can share your story and inspire many people you know and even more that you don’t. The best thing we can do once we realize our potential is pay it forward and help others realize theirs. That might be the greatest truth I learned from INVINCIBLE.
Roger’s story can be found in CHAPTER 11 (“Unloved to Loving”) of INVINCIBLE: The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up With Domestic Violence, and the Truths to Set You Free.