By Roger Lockridge

why I shared my story
When I was asked to contribute to INVINCIBLE, there was no hesitation about whether I should be a part of it or not. How often can you do something that may possibly help millions of people change their lives for the better? In my opinion, there is no better way of overcoming a powerful negative than with an even more powerful positive.

My experience with CDV changed the course of my life without me even being fully aware of what happened. And growing up, even as an adult, there was no resource that could help me figure out all the thoughts that went through my head or what I could do to move past the issues I was dealing with. Although the professionals that worked with me back then were great at what they did, the fact is there wasn’t enough education or services or tools to maximize their ability to help me.

Any social worker, domestic violence or child advocate that has INVINCIBLE on their desk or bookshelf has the ultimate resource that can help them guide former or future children of domestic violence past their obstacles, so they can travel easier paths towards their full potential than the one I traveled. Any adult or child affected by childhood domestic violence (CDV) hopefully will comes across a copy of the book and they can be assured their perspective on their own lives will change significantly from the time they read the first page of the Foreword to the time they finish the last page of the last chapter.

So, when I’m asked why I shared my story in INVINCIBLE, I answer with a question of my own: How could I possibly not?