A friend recently said to me: ‘You’re like a prey animal, ears pricked up, looking for danger.’

Like many children of domestic violence Louisa Adjoa Parker has heightened stress-activation, which we know to be maladaptive, harming both her mental and physical health. However, there are other negative consequence of the constant fear that may come from living with domestic violence. Like many other children of domestic violence, Louisa found herself addicted to drugs and alcohol, and also repeating the same pattern of her parents’ abusive relationship.

Louisa had to struggle to UNLEARN the LIE of being FEARFUL. She spent years on high-alert, too timid to speak out. But now she is CONFIDENT in her abilities and seeking to change the reality for others who faced the same debilitating childhood adversity. 
Now, Louisa is using her voice to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves and change the odds for them. Read more here