By Roger Lockridge

Most of you reading this have probably heard by now that CDVA has released a new program called “COURAGE UNLEASHED: 45 Days to Being Invincible”. For those of you who may not know enough, allow me to provide a quick summary of what this landmark program is.

The book “INVINCIBLE” that was originally published a few years ago was to reveal the TRUTHS that you as someone who experienced Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) have acquired through that experience, although you may not know it. Some of you might not believe that those TRUTHS were in fact imparted to you. “COURAGE UNLEASHED” walks you down a logical path that provides you with the opportunity to dig deeper, get to really know yourself, and draw your own conclusions. In other words, “INVINCIBLE” revealed the TRUTHS. But “COURAGE UNLEASHED” proves them.

My story was one of the stories featured in INVINCIBLE. I’ve been sharing my story and working in this field for over 20 years now. I first told my story when I was 14 years old. I’ve had an active everyday career in advocacy. I’ve seen and done a lot. So I was given an opportunity to go through the COURAGE UNLEASHED program as part of a test group from the perspective of someone who has already had substantial exposure to the issue and the remedies. I was the first test participant to complete the program and I was also going through a pretty difficult period while taking it. And even after all I’ve experienced in my career and life, and all I know about childhood adversity and its impact, I still had breakthrough moments while doing this program.

I have nothing to gain here. I make no money off of the donations that are received through this program. Every dollar raised goes to CDVA to advance their mission. So I don’t ask this for myself. I’m asking for you, those you love, and everyone who has been affected by CDV in some form. IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE WAS IMPACTED BY CDV, PLEASE CONSIDER TAKING THIS PROGRAM. IT CAN HELP CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

There is no risk for you to try this program. If you don’t feel it’s working for you, you can get your money back. Although if you do register for this program, I’m certain you’ll consider this donation the greatest gift you’ve made – not only to yourself but to everyone else.  I don’t want to knock other avenues of help like counseling, therapy, or groups. They all have their place and benefits. But I assure you that nothing you can do would compare to this because you’re literally uncovering these TRUTHS for yourself by yourself. What better way to unleash your courage, gain control of your own life, and take ownership of your INVINCIBILITY is there than that?

You can click this link to start COURAGE UNLEASHED: 45 Days to Being Invincible.