Did you grow up with Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV)? Haven’t told a soul about it, to this day? Maybe you aren’t ready to talk about it or feel people might judge you…Or maybe it’s just too difficult to talk about.

Are you still struggling in life, unable to find answers, solutions, fulfillment, success…Maybe your efforts are often frustrated, you find yourself unable to trust others, you struggle with relationships, with parenting, with going after your goals..with substance use or depression…with other risky behavior…bad choices…hopelessness about the future…

Maybe you believe happiness, fulfillment, and success are not meant for you.

These are all LIES you learned growing up in your childhood home. You were programmed by what you endured to believe these LIES, which then lead to thoughts and actions in one or more facets of your life that keep you from having the things you were meant to have, living the life you were meant to live.

The good news is you have the power to change that today. And you don’t have to seek therapy or join a support group to do it, if you aren’t ready to share your past with another. You can take the necessary steps right in the privacy of your own home by simply sharing with yourself. 

We’re launching a revolutionary new online program that can help change your life…and the lives of the millions of others just like you who grew up living with domestic violence. This groundbreaking self-empowerment program, built using our Bestseller INVINCIBLE as the baseline, is a 45-day program (that requires about a 20-25-minutes of your time each day) that leads you logically, chronologically, step by step, intuitively and through powerful subliminal learning mechanisms, to overcoming the faulty beliefs and thought patters learned from growing up with CDV and truly becoming INVINCIBLE. Although it is technically a “45-day” program, you have up to 60 days to complete it, which gives you the flexibility to accommodate a busy lifestyle, when there are days that it is too difficult, inconvenient, or just impossible to put in the time.

The program is now in beta and we’re looking for 10 people who grew up with CDV to join the test group. This is an opportunity not only to take this groundbreaking program that can transform your life path – with a retail market value of $275 – FOR FREE! This is also an opportunity to contribute to changing the lives of countless others impacted by CDV by simply sharing your feedback about the program as you go through the steps.

If you would like to participate in the test group, please reach out to us at info@cdv.org. The solution is only a click away – the path to changing your life awaits you online.